10 Plot Armors That Have Helped Demon Slayer's Heroes

10 Plot Armors That Have Helped Demon Slayer's Heroes

"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" is a popular anime and manga series that follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado and his journey as a Demon Slayer. While some may argue that certain characters exhibit plot armor (being protected from harm or challenges for the sake of the plot), opinions on this can vary. Here are ten instances where plot armor may be perceived to have played a role:

  1. Tanjiro Surviving the Attack on His Family: Tanjiro's survival despite the demon attack on his family sets the stage for the entire series.

  2. Survival of Main Characters in Intense Battles: Main characters, including Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, often survive seemingly insurmountable situations during battles.

  3. Zenitsu's Awakened Abilities: Zenitsu, known for his fearfulness, exhibits extraordinary combat abilities during moments of extreme danger.

  4. Survival of Lower-Ranked Demon Slayers: Some lower-ranked Demon Slayers survive encounters with powerful demons, defying the odds.

  5. Nezuko's Unique Demon Abilities: Nezuko's ability to resist the typical destructive nature of demons and maintain her humanity can be seen as a form of plot armor.

  6. Recovery from Severe Injuries: Characters often recover relatively quickly from severe injuries, allowing them to continue fighting.

  7. Revelations about the Twelve Kizuki: Characters uncover critical information about the Twelve Kizuki, leading to strategic advantages in battles.

  8. Discoveries of Rare Techniques: Characters frequently learn new and powerful techniques at crucial moments.

  9. Guidance from Hashira and Skilled Individuals: The timely intervention of powerful characters, such as the Hashira, helps main characters overcome challenges.

  10. Survival of Key Characters for Story Continuity: Certain characters' survival ensures the progression of the overall plot and character development.

While plot armor can be a storytelling device, it's essential to acknowledge that opinions on its presence or impact can vary among viewers and readers. The effectiveness of plot armor often depends on individual perspectives and preferences for storytelling.

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