A Comprehensive Guide to Banpresto Figures

A Comprehensive Guide to Banpresto Figures

What are Banpresto Figures?

Banpresto is a renowned Japanese company that specializes in producing high-quality collectible figures. These figures are based on popular anime, manga, and video game characters. Banpresto figures are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to their attention to detail and accurate representation of beloved characters.

1. Prize Figures

Prize figures are one of the most common types of Banpresto figures. These figures are typically obtained through arcade games, crane machines, or lottery events. Prize figures are often more affordable compared to other types, making them accessible to a wide range of collectors. Despite their lower price point, Banpresto prize figures still maintain a high level of quality and capture the essence of the characters they depict.

2. Ichiban Kuji Figures

Ichiban Kuji figures are another popular type of Banpresto figure. These figures are part of a lottery system where collectors purchase tickets for a chance to win a specific figure. The figures in the Ichiban Kuji series are usually limited edition and highly detailed. They often feature dynamic poses and intricate sculpting, making them highly coveted by collectors.

3. Grandista Figures

The Grandista line of Banpresto figures is known for its large scale and impressive size. These figures are typically around 27 centimeters tall and feature characters in powerful and iconic poses. Grandista figures are highly detailed and showcase the characters' unique traits and personalities. They are often considered centerpiece collectibles due to their size and visual impact.

4. Master Stars Piece Figures

Master Stars Piece figures are highly detailed and meticulously crafted collectibles. These figures are larger in scale, typically around 30 centimeters tall. They feature characters in dynamic poses, capturing their action-packed moments from various anime and manga series. Master Stars Piece figures are known for their exceptional sculpting and paintwork, making them a favorite among serious collectors.

5. EXQ Figures

The EXQ series of Banpresto figures focuses on capturing the beauty and elegance of female characters. These figures are often based on popular female characters from anime and manga series. EXQ figures are known for their attention to detail, vibrant colors, and intricate sculpting. They are highly regarded for their affordability and quality, making them a popular choice among collectors.

6. Creator x Creator Figures

The Creator x Creator series features Banpresto figures that are designed by renowned artists and illustrators. These figures showcase the unique artistic style of each creator, resulting in visually stunning and highly collectible pieces. Creator x Creator figures often depict characters in a more artistic and stylized manner, offering a fresh perspective on beloved characters.

7. World Figure Colosseum Figures

The World Figure Colosseum series brings together talented sculptors from around the world to create exceptional Banpresto figures. These figures are highly detailed and showcase the sculptors' skills and creativity. World Figure Colosseum figures often feature characters from popular anime and manga series, offering collectors a chance to own a unique and limited edition piece of art.


Banpresto offers a wide range of figures that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you're a casual collector or a dedicated enthusiast, there is a Banpresto figure that will capture your favorite characters in stunning detail. From prize figures to limited edition masterpieces, Banpresto continues to deliver high-quality collectibles that bring joy to fans worldwide.

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